Music of the Day / 44

Four very different songs today…

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys / Empire State of Mind // Couldn’t get the chorus to this song out of my head, no idea why – I hadn’t even listened to it all the way through before. Never mind, it’s not the greatest song in world history, but I thought I’d post it.

Lady Gaga / Bad Romance // Again, this song isn’t the greatest in the world, but it was stuck in my head for no particular reason. Someone did write quite a cool fugue version of it though.

Schubert / Der Atlas & Der Doppelgänger (both from Schwanengesang D. 957) // These songs, on the other hand, really are amazing, although obviously in a very different genre. Also, these are absolutely fantastic performances.

Spotify tracks can be found after the break…

Empire State of Mind 

Bad Romance 

Bad Romance Fugue 

Der Atlas 
Der Doppelgänger 

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