Music of the Day / 19


  • Hector Berlioz, Harold en Italie // A symphony for solo viola and orchestra, it responds to Beethoven’s 3rd & 9th symphonies in various ways, and has been called an ‘anti-symphony’ in opposition to the ‘Eroica’. The hero, Harold (relating to Berlioz, and depicted by the viola) is introverted, and becomes more distant as the piece goes on.


  •  Ludwig van Beethoven, Cello Sonata no. 5, op. 102/2


  • Josquin des Prez, Ave maria … virgo serena


  •  Bob Mintzer, Papa Lips


  • Taylor Swift, I Knew You Were Trouble, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together // One of my friends has got a bit of a thing for Taylor Swift, and the songs are actually quite good (although, as with most pop songs, the chorus is the real focus). The video for I Knew is nearly conceptually interesting, but not quite, which is a bit of a shame. I actually think it would be good to study why it is that pop videos still (nearly) always focus on some shots of the singers – there seems to be a need for diegetic justification.

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