Music of the Day: 26/04/13


  • Richard Strauss, Also Sprach Zarathustra // I had to include some R Strauss at some point as I’m currently revising for a Symphonic Poem module. Don’t take what people say about it illustrating Nietzsche’s text at face value…


  • John Cage, Water Walk // Classic piece of experimental music. It’s very interesting that Cage (the canonic master of experimental music) takes performing music made up entirely of ‘sounds’ so seriously, which Richard Taruskin has linked to an underlying modernist aesthetic connecting Cage to ‘avant-garde’ composers like Boulez.


  • Joseph Franz Haydn, The Creation (‘Die Schöpfung’),  // An oratorio based on the creation of the world (the sources are soprano, tenor, and bass soloists, chorus, and orchestra. The libretto was actually originally written in English by an anonymous author, and then translated into German, mostly by Baron von Swieten. Apparently Haydn’s preference was for the English version to be used for English-speaking audiences, but that version is a bit awkward in places, as is perhaps to be expected.


  • John Coltrane, Giant Steps // Such incredible technique…


  • Desmond Dekker and the Aces, You Can Get It If You Really Want // We studied this for A level, a great pop song.


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