Music of the Day: 22/04/13

More music recommendations after the break…


  • Maurice Ravel, Pavane pour une infante défunte. Simple but excellent – music doesn’t have to be ‘difficult to’ be good.


  • Franz Joseph Haydn String Quartet Op. 33 no. 2 in E-flat Major, ‘The Joke’. Prepare to laugh. Seriously though, it’s more witty than funny: the main point is that at the end of the Rondo there are pauses that make you think the piece is over before the real end, which is itself the beginning. Hope that makes sense! (I studied this at A level, a group of 18 year olds didn’t think it was very funny…)


  • Frank Ticheli, Angels in the Architecture. This is a great piece for Wind Orchestra with a solo soprano part, OUWO won a gold award at the Finals of the National Concert Band Festival playing this a few years ago.


  • Weather Report, Birdland.


  • Bloc Party, Helicopter. Great song.

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