Music of the Day: 17/04/13

There’s some pretty intense music in today’s post, across a pretty wide range of styles! It’s all fantastic though.


  • Gustav Mahler, Symphony no. 2 in C minor, ‘Resurrection’. For a long time I wasn’t really ‘into’ Mahler, and didn’t understand his music, but since being forced to listen to the final movement of this symphony for a tutorial I’ve started to come round to it. To be honest, whether you end up loving it or not, his symphonies are essential listening to understand musical, especially symphonic, composition at the end of the nineteenth century.


  • La Monte Young, Composition 1960 #7. A very interesting piece by one of the original ‘minimalist’ composers.


  • Franz Schubert, Der Lindenbaum (The Linden Tree). The fifth song of Schubert’s amazing song cycle Winterreise, D. 911. I’ve used this as one of the examples in my dissertation, some great use of rhythm.


  • Charlie Parker, Donna Lee.


  • Biffy Clyro, Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies. This came on yesterday when I was running, great opening.

Check out more recommended music.


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